Feb 202018

Martin Argent, our club captain, delegated the responsibility of putting together the shooting programme to me which I have now done. You will find the shooting programme in the new calendar on the club website.

We agreed at the last committee meeting that we would try to support as many external competitions as we could – if you are going to an outside competition and need to get sight-marks or practice, please speak to myself or Martin and will we accommodate your request if possible.

I have looked back at previous shooting programmes that were archived on the website and tried to put together a programme that provides variety, the chance to shoot all of the rounds that we keep records for and to allow for practice and sight-marks before all internal competitions. The programme is not set in stone, please ask if there are rounds you would like to shoot more often.

I have also tried to ensure that there are at least two 12 dozen rounds each month. These, as always, are dependant on numbers and key-holder availability.

You may not have seen much progress on the website; we have been working behind the scenes to archive and backup key documents before making wholesale changes to the website. The shooting programme and handicaps and records are functioning correctly now, which were most people’s main concerns. We will begin to make changes to the website in the next couple of weeks.

I have also sent out a reminder about subscriptions. Apologies to those who have already paid; the email was sent to the whole club membership list.

Mark Carne
Vice Captain

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