About Us


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Founded in 1954, our first shooting ground was near to Nonsuch Park, the site of King Henry VIII’s Nonsuch Palace and Hunting Park. When the King wasn’t busy getting married, he found time to practice and support archery, so the name “The Nonsuch Bowmen” is quite apt.

Although we moved from our original shooting ground a few years after it was founded, we have been shooting in the Ewell area ever since and shooting at our current ground for many years.

Some of our friendly archers during our 70th year

We shoot outdoors throughout the year (yes, even in winter!) on Saturday afternoons and Sunday mornings. During the summer we also shoot on certain weekday evenings. Our club Captain publishes a full shooting programme which allows us to know what we are supposed to be shooting and when.

Please enjoy exploring our site, and please feel free to contact us if you have any questions!