Jun 082015
It’s a little bit odd writing about the winter postal league results in June, but the results have only just arrived! Despite that, #TeamNonsuch has done incredibly well this winter season with plenty of Nonsuch archers being the top scoring archers in their divisions for the months! The results are as follows:
Frostbite Compound
Nonsuch Bowmen A: Division 6, 3rd place
Nonsuch Bowmen B: Division 13, 6th place – Sam Hodgson was February and March’s highest scoring Boy
Portsmouth Compound
Nonsuch Bowmen: Division 16, 1st place – Martin Creasey was February’s highest scoring Gent
Nonsuch Bowmen A: Division 25, 5th place – Richard Beenham was February’s highest scoring Gent
Nonsuch Bowmen B: Division 44, 5th place – Allison Caffrey was March’s highest scoring Lady
Nonsuch Bowmen A: Division 25, 3rd place – Richard Beenham was February’s highest scoring Gent
Nonsuch Bowmen B: Division 33, 4th place – Bea Taylor was February’s highest scoring Lady
Nonsuch Bowmen C: Division 37, 2nd place – Jane Hodgson was February and March’s highest scoring Lady
Frostbite Junior
Nonsuch Bowmen Jnr: Division 4, 2nd place – Robbie Avis was February and March’s highest scoring Boy
Well done to everyone who took part! The full details of how we did will be uploaded to the website soon.
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