Sep 112014

So it being nearly the end of British Summer Time, and the light fading fast in the evenings, we had our last weekday evening shoot on Wednesday 10th September 2014 with the Twilight Challenge.

We had quite a few nutty members shoot 3 dozen arrows, in ends of 3 in almost total darkness (apart from the few car headlights we had for light) from just 17.5 metres! Below is a picture of the conditions they had to shoot at…



It certainly was tricky to say the least! After we’d all warmed up from what the ladies certainly thought was a cold evening, the results were announced. They are as follows:

1st: Richard Beenham

2nd: Tania Nadarajah

3rd: Jane Hodgson, Sam Hodgson, & Derek Doherty

Congratulations to all, the great scores certainly bode well for the indoor season ahead! Good shooting everyone!

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