Feb 112015

#TeamNonsuch where back in action on Saturday at the Kestrels Worcester Target tournament, and we pretty much dominated the results sheet and went away with the majority of the raffle prizes! Congratulations to:

  • Richard Beenham – Recurve Gents 7th (Single Round) & Recurve Gents 3rd (Double Round)
  • David Alexander – Recurve Gents 20th (Single Round) & Recurve Gents 13th (Double Round)
  • Ian McLenaghan – Recurve Gents 38th (Single Round) & Recurve Gents 19th (Double Round)
  • Julie Alexander – Recurve Ladies 18th (Single Round) & Recurve Ladies 10th (Double Round)
  • Victoria Fox – Recurve Ladies 20th (Single Round) & Recurve Ladies 11th (Double Round)
  • Kathy McLenaghan – Recurve Ladies 22nd (Single Round) & Recurve Ladies 14th (Double Round)
  • Martin Creasey – Compound Gents 1st (Single and Double Rounds)
  • Simon Spencer – Compound Gents 6th (Single Round)
  • Mike Fox – Longbow Gents 8th (Single Round) & Longbow Gents 3rd (Double Round)
  • Chas Spencer – Barebow Gents 3rd (Single & Double Rounds)

A further congratulations goes to the following for their team achievements:

Recurve Team:

  • 7th Place: Richard Beenham, David Alexander, Julie Alexander & Ian McLenaghan

Recurve Married Couples:

  • 3rd Place: David & Julie Alexander
  • 5th Place: Ian & Kathy McLenaghan
2015-02-07 16.46.37

#TeamNonsuch at Kestrels Worcester Indoor Tournament 

Well done to all!

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