Mar 202018

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The Nonsuch Trophy (→Silver Arrow Event ←)

Saturday 24th March 2018 – Assembly 10.45 for an start

This is a trophy status competition open to all club members.  (Only members affiliated through Nonsuch are eligible for trophies and medal awards.)

“Minimum” Eligible Rounds:                                                    (yards)

Gents over 18                                              St George              100/80/60

Ladies   over 18 and Gents under 18           Albion                     80/60/50

Ladies   over 18 and Gents under 18           Windsor                   60/50/40

Ladies under 18 and Gents under 16           Short Windsor        50/40/30

Ladies under 16 and Gents under 14           Junior Windsor           40/30/20

Ladies under 14 and Gents under 12     Short Junior Windsor      30/20/10



Members may elect to shoot longer or shorter distance rounds according to their ability and subject to spaces being available on the shooting line, but please note that rounds shorter than the minimums for each age group set out above will not be eligible for trophies and medals.

This is a “handicap-based” competition with allowances calculated according to current outdoor handicaps. The winner will be decided by the highest adjusted score on the day.


No archer will be permitted to write down his or her own scores, and any errors on writing down scores must be referred to the field captain before arrows have been pulled. The field captain will be responsible for making any necessary corrections and will initial the score slip to evidence this. Any score slips submitted which are incomplete or incorrectly totalled may be rejected.


Linda Skeet – Tournament Officer

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