Sep 102014

Our third junior session was held on Sunday 10th August 2014, and we had a good turn out including a junior from Chessington Bowmen (hopefully our juniors will see him again on a shooting line soon).

Plenty of games were played (chairman’s hat, split the arrow, and knock ’em down), but the the main event was definitely “Archery Twister”. Two archers shot at either a colour or a limb, whilst the other archers took it in turn to perform the moves on the mat. There was talk of making the parents and coaches take part, but I think the juniors did a better job than we could do!

The juniors also had a go at shooting some field archery faces of animals, and they seemed to enjoy shooting these as much as they did “killing” the ‘Rotten Robbie’ zombie!

This was all followed by a little BBQ afterwards, by Chef Skeet! We also awarded Robbie Avis with a rare, shiny, new Junior Master Bowman badge today! Congratulations Robbie!

A lot of fun was had by all the juniors, parents and coaches that attended! The next junior session will take place in October, as the shooting programme is completely packed for September! So watch this space!

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