Oct 302014

Saturday 1st November we held our first Halloween fun shoot, and it was A LOT of fun (despite not having any sight marks for the unknown distances, and a few damaged arrows)!

Our archers enjoyed shooting Frankenstein, a Mummy, a Ghost, the Grim Reaper, a Zombie, balloons (with and without water), Rotten Robbie, a pumpkin piñata, and a now fractured skeleton!

This was all followed by a sausage in a bun and some yummy cake!

The winners of the fun shoot were as follows…

Target Winners: Sam Hodgson, Mia Samman, Richard Beenham, and Les Bashford

Overall Winner: Richard Beenham

Junior Winner: Mia Samman

Best Dressed: Richard Beenham

Comedy Shot: Tony Stephens

Thank you to everyone for coming, and we hope to see you all again in December for the Christmas Fun shoot!



Also, NEXT SATURDAY (8th NOVEMBER) is the first Frostbite round of the season! We hope to see lots of #TeamNonsuch taking part!

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